• 5 Design Tips To Reduce Algae In A Pond

    Algae blooms can be a major problem in a backyard pond, especially since some types of blooms are toxic. Fortunately, you can reduce algae concerns greatly if you plan for it when designing your new pond prior to installation.  1. Location Selection Algae blooms require plenty of sunlight. One way to minimize algae problems in your new pond is to place it in a shady location. A good location for a pond receives filtered sunlight throughout the day. [Read More]

  • In Praise Of Pergolas: Why They Make Great Patio Covers

    If you want to cover your patio and add beauty to your home, it is hard to beat a pergola. Whether you select a standard wooden pergola or choose a modern version, you will be amazed at the difference it will make on your patio. Once you explore the difference a pergola can make, you will be like many other homeowners who wonder why they waited so long to add a pergola to their outdoor space. [Read More]

  • Window Blinds And Shade Options To Consider For A Window Covering Installation

    When it is time to complete the look of a room, blinds or shades can "seal the deal." These window treatments offer privacy to homeowners. Some are manufactured to improve energy efficiency. There are limitless colors and materials available. This means that there should be a solution to meet almost any budget, style, or color scheme. The following points highlight a window shade solution and two options for window blind installation. [Read More]

  • Recommendations For A Successful New Home Window Selection

    Your home's windows can really make an impact and affect the appearance of your home from its exterior. However, the look of your home from the street is not the only important aspect of its windows and their quality. The interior of your home is affected directly by the quality and type of windows and their coverings, which will make your home environment more or less comfortable and can protect your furnishings from sunlight fading. [Read More]

  • 5 Reasons To Install Gutter Guards Today

    It's no secret that rain gutters are a necessity for the home, but gutter guards are also something you should consider. You can add guards during gutter installation or they can be retrofitted to your existing gutters. 1. Reduce Maintenance Efforts Clogged gutters serve no purpose, so it's vital that they are kept free of dead leaves and other debris. It's necessary to climb a ladder and physically scoop out the debris if you don't have gutter guards in place to keep out the debris. [Read More]

  • Preparing To Undertake A Major Home Improvement Project

    If you are in the process of preparing to undertake a home improvement project, there are many mistakes and problems that you will want to take steps to avoid. Otherwise, you may find that your experience overseeing this type of project can be more frustrating than you had originally anticipated. Improper Measuring A very common mistake that homeowners will make when preparing for this project can be incorrect measuring. Without accurate measurements, it can be extremely easy for a person to order the wrong size of panels, tiles, and other materials that may be needed. [Read More]