5 Reasons To Install Gutter Guards Today

Posted on: 28 March 2022

It's no secret that rain gutters are a necessity for the home, but gutter guards are also something you should consider. You can add guards during gutter installation or they can be retrofitted to your existing gutters.

1. Reduce Maintenance Efforts

Clogged gutters serve no purpose, so it's vital that they are kept free of dead leaves and other debris. It's necessary to climb a ladder and physically scoop out the debris if you don't have gutter guards in place to keep out the debris. Either you must put in the time and labor necessary to keep the gutters clean, or you must pay a service to do it for you. Gutter guards reduce the need for these maintenance efforts and expenses.

2. Extend Gutter Life

Dirty gutters are more prone to damage. Some materials may rust because water doesn't drain from the gutters properly. The weight from pooled water and debris can also cause seams to fail or the guttering to come loose. Replacing gutters is an easily avoidable expense if they are well maintained, and gutter guards can help ensure this happens. 

3. Prevent Winter Ice Dams

When water backs up on the roof due to clogged gutters, it can seep beneath the shingles and refreeze. This forms a hump of ice that blocks further water from flowing down and off the roof. When the dam melts, the moisture can leak into your attic. Ensuring a good flow of snow and ice melt from the roof reduces the likelihood of ice dam formation. Gutter guards help prevent blockages that interrupt the flow, thus preventing ice dam problems.  

4. Discourage Pest Issues

Both animal and insect pests can be drawn to the gutters. Small animals like rodents and birds may pack gutters or downspouts with plant nesting materials, which leads to a gutter obstruction. Gutter guards keep these small animals out of your guttering. Standing water due to dirty gutters can also attract pests like breeding mosquitoes. Using gutter guards to keep the gutters clean so they empty of water quickly prevents this issue.

5. Increase Rain Collection

For those that have rainwater collection systems hooked into the gutters, keeping the water as clean as possible is a must so that it doesn't block garden hoses or lead to a dirty rain barrel. Gutter guards are an easy way to keep out most of the debris so your rainwater source is clean enough for garden use.

Contact a rain gutter guard installation service if you would like to learn more about the available options.