Window Blinds And Shade Options To Consider For A Window Covering Installation

Posted on: 9 August 2022

When it is time to complete the look of a room, blinds or shades can "seal the deal." These window treatments offer privacy to homeowners. Some are manufactured to improve energy efficiency. There are limitless colors and materials available. This means that there should be a solution to meet almost any budget, style, or color scheme. The following points highlight a window shade solution and two options for window blind installation.

Venetian Blinds

These are a familiar style of blinds. They are likely the type of blinds that come to mind for most individuals. Their budget-friendly price point makes them a popular style. They can be opened or closed using a wand that twists. This allows sunlight in or blocks it out. These blinds are raised up or lowered using either an adjustable cord or manually lifting them up and pulling them down. The latter is a newer technology, which is an easier approach to operating these blinds. The blind slats are horizontal. A window covering installation company can source these blinds in a variety of hard-to-find colors.

Vertical Blinds

The design of these blinds is different. Instead of horizontal slats, they feature vertical vanes. The vanes usually have a white or beige backing. A cord can be used to turn the blinds to a 180-degree angle, which would make the interior sides of the veins face outwards and the white backing side faces the interior. This feature makes it easy to clean the vanes. The vanes can also be adjusted to one side or the other in a vertical stack to allow a full view of the windows/doors. Vertical blinds are often installed to provide privacy where sliding glass doors are installed on a property.

The vanes can be cut to fit any size window. They have a striking design effect when they are installed from the top of windows and extended down past window sills to the floor. This dramatic effect can create the illusion indoors that windows are larger than they actually are. These blinds come in a variety of colors and materials. There is also the option to get vertical blinds that have a mirror finish.

Solar Shades 

These shades are ideal for individuals who live in areas that have hot or warm weather year-round. They might also benefit homes that have seasonal extreme heat in the summertime. They are designed to reduce heat. However, they are ineffective at blocking out the cold. These shades are a good solution to use in combination with other energy efficiency efforts such as upgraded windows and glass that are energy efficient.

A window treatment provider is a good resource to use to learn more about window covering installations. They can help consumers compare blinds and determine which styles will meet their budgets and expectations.