In Praise Of Pergolas: Why They Make Great Patio Covers

Posted on: 29 September 2022

If you want to cover your patio and add beauty to your home, it is hard to beat a pergola. Whether you select a standard wooden pergola or choose a modern version, you will be amazed at the difference it will make on your patio. Once you explore the difference a pergola can make, you will be like many other homeowners who wonder why they waited so long to add a pergola to their outdoor space.

Pergolas add beauty

There is nothing boring about a pergola. Even the simplest pergola made of wood will add aesthetic value to any outdoor space by defining your patio area and allowing the beauty of natural sunlight to filter across your patio. You can choose any style or color of wood to complement the exterior of your home, which makes pergolas a great option for upping the curb appeal of your home.

Plants love pergolas

If you enjoy growing flowers or plants, a pergola is great for climbing plants and trailing vines. In fact, it is not uncommon to see pergolas adorned with grape vines, bougainvillea, or other vines, which will add additional beauty to your patio. Pergolas with an open-slat design also allow plenty of sunlight to filter through for growing potted flowers or container gardening on the patio. 

Pergolas are customizable for privacy

Fabric canopies and motorized drapes are two additions to a pergola that make them a good choice for those who wish to add a little privacy to their patio. This gives you the flexibility to use your patio open or closed depending on your mood. The addition of a fabric canopy or drapes also allows you to get creative with your style by choosing fabric in a colorful shade or unique design to add interest to your patio.

Modern pergolas are tech savvy

Infrared heaters, integrated lighting features, speakers, motorized louvered roofs, rain and wind sensors, and solar features are some of the new features that will make your pergola more adaptable than ever. These exciting features make your patio more useful any season of the year.

From beautiful wooden pergolas that are simple in design to modern pergolas with technological features built into their design, it is hard to beat a pergola for aesthetic and practical value. Adding a pergola to your patio may just make your patio your favorite outdoor space both for relaxing and for hosting parties for your friends and family.

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