5 Reasons To Schedule A Septic Tank Inspection

Posted on: 24 February 2023

Your home's septic system requires regular inspections and maintenance to ensure it is working properly and not leaking into the environment. If you aren't sure whether it's time to schedule an inspection, the following may help. 

1. Home Purchase

It's a good idea to have the septic system inspected when buying a new home. You need to know the current condition of the tank and drainfield, as well as determine when the next cleaning should be scheduled. The only exception to scheduling an inspection is if the previous owners provide you with a full inspection report, including information on the last time the system was maintained. 

2. Drainage Issues

If the sink is draining slowly or if it seems like backups are becoming the norm, then something is wrong with the septic lines or the septic tank. An obstruction in the lines may only affect one fixture, or it may affect many, depending on where the clog is within the line. There may also be problems in the tank, either from obstruction at the inlet baffle or due to a tank that needs to be cleaned.

3. Foul Odors

Raw sewage has a sulfurous odor reminiscent of rotten eggs. Fortunately, the odor should stay sealed away in the septic tank if everything is working properly. Picking up sewage odors in the house or out near the septic or drainfield is a sign that something is wrong with the system. It could simply be time to clean the tank, or there could be a leak or backup somewhere in the septic system.

4. Muddy Drainfield

Your drainfield is an integral part of the septic system, as it's the last stage for the effluent before being released back into the groundwater. Standing water in the drainfield is a sign of a problem, as the field is designed so that excess moisture quickly drains away. A muddy drainfield may indicate problems in the septic tank, or it may be a result of flooding or obstructions in the field itself.

5. Earth Movement

The ground can move for a variety of reasons. Earthquakes and tremors may be the first that come to mind, but erosion or a nearby building project can also disturb the ground. If you've had any recent situations that may have resulted in earth movement, an inspection is needed to make sure that the movement didn't damage the tank, sewer lines, or the drainfield.

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