Mulch Delivery Is Convenient When You Need A Lot Of Mulch For Yard Beautification Projects

Posted on: 11 January 2023

If you're planning to fix up your yard and put in plant beds or cover the soil near your house with mulch, you may have questions about how much mulch you need and how you'll manage to get a large volume of mulch home in a convenient way.

Mulch delivery could be the solution. That way, you can buy it in bulk and have it delivered to your property. Here's more information about how much mulch to order and having it delivered.

How Much Mulch You Should Order

Start by designing your plant beds, parking area, or wherever you want to put down mulch. Mark the borders so you can measure the width and length of the bed. Next, decide how many inches deep you want the mulch. You'll need to consider the type of mulch you're getting and the type of plants the mulch will surround. Too much mulch isn't good, but neither is too little. You might want to ask the greenhouse where you get your plants for advice.

Once you know how deep you want the mulch, multiply the number of inches by the square footage of your plant bed. This gives you the total number of square feet of mulch you need. You can convert the square feet to cubic yards if needed, depending on how the bulk mulch is sold.

Besides doing the calculations yourself, you could use an online mulch calculator or ask the mulch supply center for help. Whatever approach you use, you'll need to measure the length, width, and depth of every place you want to cover with mulch on your entire property.

If you have trees spaced close together and have a hard time growing grass in a certain area due to all the shade, you may want to spread mulch under the trees or fill in an area you park on occasionally with mulch. When you're having mulch delivered, it's a good time to look around and see where you can use it to beautify your property.

How To Deal With Mulch Delivery

You can have mulch delivered loose so it's easy to work with, but you might have it delivered in bags. Bags might be more difficult to pick up and handle, but the bags keep the mulch tidy. If you buy the mulch loose, it will probably be dumped on your driveway or some other place that's convenient for the truck to get to.

If it will take you a few weekends to use up all the mulch, you may want to call your codes office to ask how long the mulch can be on your driveway before becoming a code violation. Then you can take your time building your plant beds, putting in plants, and adding the mulch.

To learn more, contact a mulch delivery service in your area.