4 Places For Epoxy Flooring

Posted on: 29 July 2021

Epoxy flooring is a resin coating. It is an increasingly popular choice for flooring because it is affordable and durable. There are an endless array of colors and effects you can choose to do with epoxy, from faux marble or bright colors to metallic finishes and glitter; almost anything is possible. You can let your creative side loose and get a custom floor that will last for years with very little maintenance needed. These four places are perfect for epoxy flooring. 

1. Bathroom 

Epoxy is a smooth finish that is waterproof and easy to clean, so placing it in your bathroom is a great choice. Epoxy flooring is easy to mop dry, so splashes aren't a problem like they might be on some other flooring options, like wood. You could try a neat faux marble look with white and grey epoxy for a fancy style that will stand the test of time. Try white walls and a white porcelain bathtub which will look clean and lavish on faux marble epoxy flooring.  

2. Laundry Room 

A laundry room is an ideal place to experiment with epoxy flooring. Laundry room flooring can sometimes be subjected to spills and other messes; an epoxy floor can make clean up a breeze and will look new and fresh for years. Because most laundry rooms are small spaces, you can have fun with color without overwhelming yourself. Try a bright red epoxy floor for a bold look that will make your laundry room anything but boring. Try a black washer and dryer for extra pop against the epoxy floor. 

3. Garage 

Garage flooring doesn't have to just be cement. Epoxy flooring in the garage makes a nice change and is much easier to clean up than the traditional cement. Garages can get dusty and dirty, but you can polish epoxy floors to a shiny clean that looks great. Try a metallic grey epoxy that will contrast well with the industrial austerity of most garage styles. 

4. Garden 

Epoxy flooring isn't just for indoors. You can use epoxy to create paths and patios in your garden space. Epoxy can fill whatever shape that you want, and you can try a matte black slab for a patio that will look great with potted plants. You could also try using epoxy floor coating over a cement pebble pathway for a smoother, easier-to-clean finish on a traditional garden path. 

For more information on epoxy flooring, contact a company like Hello Garage.