Tips For Dealing With Broken Window Glass In Your Home

Posted on: 26 January 2021

You know it as soon as you hear it. The sound of broken window glass in your home. Maybe a kid outside threw a baseball in the wrong direction, or maybe a tree or another object took a hard fall towards your house. Maybe you even broke the glass yourself somehow. Whatever the reason, the only thing that matters now is responding to the situation and getting your window put back together safely. Here are some tips for dealing with broken window glass in your home.

Block the Area Off If Needed

First things first, do you have kids or pets at home? If so, you don't want any of them to come anywhere near the broken glass. Block the area off with furniture or other objects if you must. It's also a good idea while you are moving things to move any items that are close to the window's location. Examine these items before you touch them though to make sure there are not shards of glass waiting to cause trouble for you. 

Get Gloves or Any Other Protective Gear You Need

If you are going to start picking up the broken glass, make sure you are properly protected. Wear gloves to avoid getting cut on your hands, and wear long pants if you are going to have to crawl around on the floor to pick stuff up. You don't want to find out the wrong way that you missed a spot by having your bare knee or shin dig into a broken shard.

Examine the Remaining Glass and Window Frame

It's clear you are going to need a new pane of glass at this point, but what about the rest of the window? Assess what actually caused the damage and if the rest of the window and frame is still stable or not. If it's possible to remove just the broken glass pane while leaving everything else intact, go ahead and do so. You don't want to leave a broken glass pane up for long as the next gust of wind might cause more damage.

Contact a Professional

For best results when replacing a broken window pane, you should reach out to a local window glass replacement service. Such a service is usually able to respond quickly, and that could be key if there is extreme weather outside that you want to keep outside of your house. A seasoned professional will also be able to install your new pane safely and more efficiently than you would likely be able to on your own.

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