Top Reasons To Install Gutter Guards

Posted on: 19 October 2020

Having a properly functioning gutter system is essential for the health of your home's roof as well as to ensure that water is properly disposed away from your home's foundation. However, many people find that traditional gutter systems have some drawbacks. If your gutters are still in good condition so you don't want to replace them, but you're still interested in upgrading, you may want to seriously consider having gutter guards installed. Gutter guards are available in a variety of materials, but they are basically mesh coverings that are securely installed over the top of an open traditional gutter system. Some of the top benefits of gutter guards include the following:

Keep Your Gutters Clean

One of the biggest complaints that homeowners have about traditional open gutter systems is the fact that they can become full of twigs, leaves, and other debris. This is especially true in the fall season when trees lose their leaves. Thus, a homeowner either has to spend several hours a few times a year cleaning their gutters or opt to pay somebody to do the job. Once gutter guards are installed, keeping your gutters cleaned will be incredibly easy. If anything settles on the top of the gutter guard, they can just be swept off. 

Prevent Animal and Pest Infestations

Another issue that homeowners can have with their gutters is animal and pest infestations. Birds and rodents often see gutters as a great place to make their nests, and a variety of other pests can make their way into an open gutter system. Dealing with pests and animals living in your gutters can be a huge hassle. The good news is that after the gutter guards are in place over your entire gutter system, animals, and pests will no longer be able to gain access.

Better Water Flow 

Even if you stay on top of cleaning your gutters, it is still possible for clogs or blockages to form. When this happens, water won't flow properly off of your roof and sections of your gutter may begin overflowing, which can cause damage to your home's foundation. Since gutter guards have very small holes, you will never have to worry about your gutters getting clogged, since no debris can get through the screen. Thus, you will experience better water flow through the gutters and you will never have to worry about backups or water overflowing due to a clog.