Hire A Weed Control Service To Help You Grow A Beautiful Lawn

Posted on: 27 April 2020

It's challenging to keep weeds out of your lawn because the same things that make your grass grow, such as water, fertilizer, and sunlight, also make weeds grow. You'll need to apply weed control products throughout the year to kill off weeds without harming your grass. If your yard is full of weeds, or if you just want to prevent weeds, then consider using a weed control service. Here's how a weed professional can help.

Implement A Weed Control Plan

The weed service inspects your lawn and identifies the type of weeds you have. This is important so the right weed killing methods are chosen. The company also anticipates what type of weeds will be a threat in the coming months.

Treatments are applied to kill weeds presently growing, and then a weed control strategy is devised that prevents weeds from growing in your yard and that spot treats weeds that take root.

Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicides

These herbicides don't kill weeds already growing, and they don't kill seeds. Instead, they kill the weeds when the seeds first start sprouting. This weed treatment has to be applied at just the right time because it could also kill grass seeds that are starting to grow. Several weeks should lapse between planting grass seeds and using a pre-emergent herbicide.

These herbicides are applied at specific times of the year to target seasonal weeds. By killing weeds as they sprout, they'll never have a chance to grow and compete with your grass for nutrients and space.

Apply Post-Emergent Herbicides

Post-emergent herbicides are applied during the growing season to kill weeds that are already growing in your lawn. These can be applied as spot treatments to kill weeds rather than pull them out and risk leaving some roots behind.

Post-emergent herbicides can also be spread over your entire lawn as a spray or granules. This may be necessary on your first visit to get rid of weeds that have grown out of control.

Some post-emergent herbicides can be used safely in grass while others kill any plant they touch. Care has to be taken when applying them that plants, grass, and other desirable growth aren't accidentally killed.

A lush lawn that's free from weeds is attractive and enhances the curb appeal of your property. Fighting weeds is a constant process that starts in the spring and continues through the fall. In warmer climates, weed control is needed most of the year.

Choosing the right herbicides and applying them properly can be confusing, so getting help from a weed control company is a good way to ensure you have a beautiful weed-free lawn.