Hard Water Stains In Bathroom Toilet? 3 Benefits Of Installing A Salt Free Water Softener

Posted on: 16 January 2019

If you have hard water stains in your bathroom toilet, you likely have other signs in your home of having hard water. For example, you likely have residue on your dishes after they have been run in the dishwasher, and your hair may not feel clean after you wash it. Fortunately, you can install a water softener to take care of your hard water problems. When choosing this, you will find a salt-free water softener available. Below is some information about what a salt-free water softener is, as well as three benefits of installing this type of water softener.

Salt-Free Water Softener

With traditional water softeners, salt is used to replace minerals in an ion exchange process. Salt-free water softeners do not use salt to remove these minerals. Instead, they transform magnesium chemically. Once this is done, the minerals in the hard water will not turn into scale or stick to surfaces.

Benefits of Salt-Free Water Softener

There are many benefits to choosing this type of water softener. Below are three of these benefits to help you get started.

Saves Money

Salt-free water softeners are generally more expensive when compared to traditional softeners. This will still save you money, however. This is because salt-free water softeners use less electricity to condition water. You also do not have to purchase bags of salt on a regular basis. This salt can be expensive and the money you pay for the salt will add up over time.

Is Eco-Friendly

A salt-free water softener is better for the environment. This is because salt used in traditional water softeners ends up in soil and groundwater. Once salt enters the soil, it will not decompose at all or will take a very long time to do so. Groundwater with a lot of salt can affect trees, plants, and flowers. It can also affect animals. If you consider the amount of water you and your family use in a day, you can imagine how much salt you will add to the environment daily and how quickly this will add up.

Is Healthier for You

If there is a lot of salt in your water, this can cause problems with people that have hypertension or high blood pressure. This is especially true if the person does not have good control over their high blood pressure with medication.

Controlling salt intake can be difficult as many people find it hard to not salt their food or to eat food that is already salty. Because of this, adding salt water on top of all this will make things much worse.

Talk with a company that sells water softener systems, and they can help you purchase a salt-free water softener for your home.