Not So Fast: Brick Homes Can Be Vulnerable To Termites

Posted on: 26 October 2018

Some homeowners believe that they live in a type of home that is resistant to a termite invasions. Their homes might be made out of a material that might not seem attractive to termites. Or, the might be some barrier that you believe will make it more difficult for termites to infest your home. However, your home might be more vulnerable to termites than you think.

Your Home Might Be Brick Veneer

You might think that a home made out of brick is less vulnerable to termites. After all, termites don't eat brick. However, some brick buildings are really brick veneer. They are still constructed using a wooden frame, with brick placed on top of them. These frames are vulnerable to termite infestations and will be destroyed by them. These buildings are more difficult for termites to infiltrate, but it is still possible. Therefore, you must look for the warning signs of a termite infestation. Make sure that there is always a space of at least four inches between brick veneer and moist soil so that the termites will have a more difficult time infiltrating.

Even Structural Brick is Vulnerable

Other buildings are made using structural brick. They are authentically brick homes, but they usually have an interior plaster that is placed over wood lathe. The wood lathe is attached to the masonry with no space. The termites can still enter your home and destroy the wood elements of your home.

Homes Built on Concrete Slabs are Vulnerable

You might think that a home built upon a concrete slab is safer from termites, but they are actually more vulnerable. The concrete slabs have a space underneath that is wet. This is the perfect place where termites can thrive. The concrete slabs might have expansion points that are the perfect place through which termites can enter. Your home will also likely have holes through which plumbing and electrical wiring enter. These can be perfect places for termites to enter.

Because your home is likely not safe from termites, you should contact a termite control professional who can use the most-effective methods of termite control on your property. Termites can wreck havoc on your home, cause an enormous amount of damage and can be difficult to get rid of without the right methods. You will need a baiting system that not only kills termites that take the bait, but all of the termites that are a part of the colony.