Ways To Ensure Functional Appliances In Your Rental Units

Posted on: 26 July 2018

As a landlord, you are only required by law to provide certain basics in your rental properties. These include electricity, heating, cold and hot running water, and garbage removal services. Providing appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, microwaves or washers is optional.

Providing appliances with your rental property will attract clients. However, maintaining them can be stressful and a constant source of squabbles with your tenants. Here are tips to keep your appliances working.

Create an Inventory

This will track the life of the appliance; from purchase and inspections to breakdowns and repairs.

Typically the inventory will contain the property name and address, unit number, a thorough description of the appliance, serial number and warranty information. It will also have information on repairs, inspection, and maintenance.

Also include a time-stamped photo of the appliance as this may be used as evidence in case of disputes.

This is the master inventory and should not be confused with the general document that tenants sign when moving in.


There is no law stating who's responsible for appliance repair. What you state in the lease agreement is what will stand in a court of law. Clarify what you repair (wear and tear and age) and what you don't (careless use, damage by tenant).

Alternatively, you can clarify in the lease agreement that the appliances are not included in the rent.

That way, the tenant has a choice to use or not to use the appliances. In case they do, the responsibility for their repair automatically passes to them.

Have a clause explaining what would happen in case the tenant introduced their own appliance. Explain that they will be liable for any damage caused to the unit by their appliance.

Back any written document with verbal communication to ensure the tenants fully understand their responsibilities.

Repair broken appliances promptly. If you don't do so, the tenant has a right to do it themselves and ask for a refund. You have no way of checking the quality or cost of the repair. Keep a list of repair people for refrigerator repair, washer and dryer repair, and dishwasher repair, at the least; these are areas where you're likely to save a lot of money by choosing the right professional, because costs can vary greatly.

Keep Contacts of Professionals

Don't wait until appliances break down. Shop for repair personnel ahead of time and have their contacts ready so that you can reach them easily in case you need repairs.

Signing an inspection and maintenance contract with them may prove useful and reduce repair costs.

Providing appliances to your tenants will give you an edge over your competitors. To make this experience stress-free, make sure you communicate to the tenants their responsibility, keep track of the appliances, have repair personnel on standby, and do your repairs promptly.

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