How To Make Your Backyard Into Your Own Personal Paradise

Posted on: 2 February 2018

Whether you've recently purchased your own home or are looking for ways to enjoy your leisure time in your existing home, you should consider making your backyard into your own personal paradise. Thanks to the popularity of online shopping as well as technological advances that make it possible for more people to work at home, modern people are spending more time at home, so creating a personal paradise makes sense. Following are just four of the many ways that you can transform your backyard into your private slice of heaven.

Add Water Features

Adding a water feature to your outdoor living space will make you feel like you're on vacation every time you step outside to relax. Water features come in a variety of forms. For instance, if you love the sound of a waterfall, you can have one installed in your yard. If watching colorful fish is your preference, you could opt for a koi pond. Those who appreciate a classic look can choose a statuary fountain or even an old-school birdbath. There are many possibilities for incorporating water features into your backyard environment, and they are all particularly useful in locations where neighborhood or traffic noises are high because they provide a pleasant buffer against sound.

Plant an Herb Garden

A thriving culinary herb garden provides both aesthetic and practical appeal. For instance, IT will give you easy access to fresh herbs to use in food and beverages as well as create an attractive picture in your outdoor living space. Another aspect of growing herbs is that they make the air smell delightful—imagine enjoying your morning coffee with the scent of fresh mint, rosemary, and thyme on the breeze. Herb gardens also smell amazing when it rains because the rain brings their essential oils to the surface of their leaves. The middle of an herb garden is a great place to establish a water feature and to place a comfortable bench.

Use Lighting as a Design Element

The right kind of outdoor lighting design can make all the difference between heading indoors after the sun goes down and remaining outside to enjoy a gorgeous summer night. Naturally, you want to have lighting that illuminates, but you also want to use it as a design element. For instance, if you've got an outdoor plant or two that you're particularly proud of, showcasing them by installing backlighting creates a dramatic effect once day gives way to night. You can also choose to light up your water feature and place ground-level lighting on garden pathways to make meandering by moonlight safer and more pleasant. Lighting can also be used to create a fairytale effect by stringing tiny, twinkling lights throughout the branches of trees. Don't forget to add a couple of strong task lights in your deck or patio seating area for reading and crafting at night. 

Make It Bird and Butterfly Friendly

Few things are as relaxing as sitting in your backyard on a sunlit afternoon and watching vibrantly colored butterflies flit among flowers, and who can resist the glorious sound of birdsong first thing in the morning? You can make these scenarios happen by planting the right types of flowers, shrubs, and trees—and birds and butterflies will also be attracted by your water feature if you choose to add one. Your local garden center can help you pick out the types of flowers, shrubs, and trees that are best for attracting the particular species of birds and butterflies that are native to your area. 

Please feel free to contact your local landscape lighting professional for more information on turning a mundane backyard into a personal paradise that you and your friends and family won't want to leave.