How To Find High-End Furniture At Low-End Prices

Posted on: 29 July 2015

No one wants to spend more than they have to on furniture, but you don't want to settle on the cheap stuff either. So what's the secret to getting quality pieces without spending an arm and a leg? It's not as hard as you think. Here are a few creative and easy ways to get high-end furniture at low-end prices.

Learn How to Negotiate

There's an art form to negotiating, and it starts with learning what to say and how to say it. Here are three tips to getting the price lowered so that everyone wins.

1. Ask for a discount in the form of a question. This accomplishes several things. First, you come off as being friendlier than someone barking orders, making the sales associate less likely to feel bullied and more likely to work with you.

Second, if you're attempting to talk down a $1,500 couch, making statements like, "I only have eight hundred dollars to spend," only hurt you. If the lowest the salesperson can go is $1,200, there's no real comeback. Instead, say, "Fifteen hundred is out of my price range. What's the best you can do?" Now you've got a little wiggle room to negotiate something that makes you and the sales person happy.

Now, if you genuinely only have $800, look for couches that start lower than $1,500.

2. Use "if" statements. For the exact same reason that asking for a discount in the form of a question can get you a better deal, using "if" statements can accomplish the same thing. Imagine you've found a great price on a floor model. But upon inspection, you notice it has a scratch in the surface. If it will cost $20 in supplies and an hour of your time, make an offer like, "I would buy that if it were thirty dollars less." That makes you sound as if you're making a random comment, which places less pressure on the sales associate and makes you more likely to get what you want.

3. Research ahead of time to find discounts on the same items. Suppose you do some online pricing, and learn that stores A and B both have the mattress you want, but at different prices. You shop at store A because it's closer, has a wider selection, and offers free delivery. But their mattress is $500 more. Make it a point to ask the sales associate what the difference is between their mattress and store B's mattress that's $500 less. There may be a difference between the items. Then again, store A could end up price matching it for you.

Learn How to Search Online

Suppose you've found the item you want in the store, but it's completely out of your price range. If you can get the name of the manufacturer and model, it's possible to find it discounted online. The website might even ship the item to the store for free, where you can pick it up.

Compare prices with multiple online stores as well. Furniture shopper Angela Colley saved $75 on a coffee table just by taking a few extra steps to hunt down the site with the best deal.

Additionally, many online furniture stores offer sales around the holidays. But the best months to buy furniture, according to the experts, are January and July. This is because manufacturers ship out their new stock in February and August. The stores need to make room for the new inventory, so they offer discount prices. 

One final tip for shopping online is to search for coupons. Sometimes all you have to do is join the website's mailing list to get a discount on certain items.

Know What to Buy Used

Okay, granted, there are certain pieces you won't buy used. But if you need an entire new bedroom suite, you might be able to outfit your whole room without breaking the bank.

For example, if you need a new bed and bedside tables, consider getting the tables second hand, so you'll have more money to invest in a quality bed of your choice. Purchase the bed first so you can find tables that go with your new piece of furniture. Or, if you're a DIY'er, sand down and refinish the tables to match.

Estate sales are another great way to buy used high-end furniture without spending too much. Estate furniture was often bought in the days long before self-assembly pieces came into the picture. So instead of spending $300 on an assembly-required chest of drawers, you could spend $150 on a solid oak dresser.

Ask for Floor Model Discounts

There's no doubt that getting the floor model, as is, is a wonderful way to save on quality furniture. One shopper reports in the Huffington Post that consumers should offer 50% of the regular price for a floor model, while being prepared to save 30-40%. 

Be sure to inspect the item carefully for tears in fabric or scratches on the surface of wood. This won't necessarily deter you from buying, but it could lower the price even more.

Be Willing To Travel

If you've exhausted all the few furniture stores in your town, don't throw in the towel just yet. If you're willing to travel several hours, you can find great furniture warehouses with awesome discounts on high-end furniture.

Check out companies like Design Center Furniture to start your furniture search.