How Decorative Glass Spheres Can Help Your Home's Feng Shui

Posted on: 6 October 2021

Classical schools of feng shui require relatively strict adherence to a set of prescribed cures, which are simple decorative placements and furniture movements that can change a room's energy. These enhance good luck and positive energy or protect against bad luck and negative energy. Other schools, such as the Black Hat Sect version that is commonly used in the United States, are much more open about what can be cured and what can be used as a cure. In Black Hat feng shui, you can amp up a certain energy in part of your home through the use of color or anything that represents a certain element associated with that area of your home. Decorative glass spheres are a lovely addition to your home that not only add those colors you want, they can also represent an area's element via shape.

Brighten up a Corner (Safely)

First, decorative glass spheres will brighten up any spot you place them in because light will reflect off them. However, you need to keep the spheres out of direct light, especially sunlight. These spheres, even if they're made of simple glass and not fancy crystals, can amplify light rays like a magnifying glass would. The resulting heat buildup can, and has, caused fires in homes. Keep the spheres in a spot that does not get hit by sunbeams. And keep seasonal sunbeam appearance in mind, too.

Even without the fire risk, though, you should place the spheres in darker areas because the light reflecting off the glass acts as a cure itself. Brightening a dark corner changes stuck energy into lighter, more flowing energy, turning the area into one that sees a little more luck flow in.

Color Choices and Placement

In Black Hat feng shui, the ba gua, or the octagonal map that matches parts of your life and compass directions in your home, is fixed. The northwest, north, and northeast sectors of the ba gua are always mapped onto the wall of your home that has the main entrance. Each sector then has colors and elements associated with it. For example, the south sector, associated with fame and reputation, has a red color and a fire element. That does not mean that you have to actually keep a fire burning in the south of your home to have a better reputation. It does mean you want to decorate more with colors representing fire, mainly red, pink, bright yellow, and so on. You could place some gorgeous rose-red glass spheres here for added fire-like lights.

Representing an Element

In Black Hat feng shui, color is a big deal, but your personal preferences also matter. If you don't particularly like red, you can have other colors, but keep them lighter as placing very dark colors, like black, can have a muting effect in areas that don't have water as an element. This is because black is a color associated with water in feng shui. Instead, you can look at the shape of what you want to place in that area. The shape associated with fire is a triangle, but if you've got glass spheres that need a home, look for areas associated with metal, as the round is the shape associated with that element. Those would be the west and northwest sectors.

An advantage to using glass spheres is that they're so unassuming. You can place black spheres in a water-related sector, purple spheres in a money-related sector, and so on, and no one would know you were practicing a form of feng shui. And even if you're not so sure about feng shui, those spheres still brighten up your home, which in itself adds positive energy. Contact a decorative glass spheres provider, such as Worldly Goods Too, to learn more.