3 Ways To Use Natural Stone Outside Of Your Home

Posted on: 19 November 2019

Natural stone is a great way to add a traditional vibe to your home's interior and exterior. In addition to adding things like natural stone floors or a natural stone fireplace inside of your house there are a few ways for you to incorporate this natural element on your home's exterior as well. From adding stone to your home's exterior walls to adding an outdoor fireplace, this article will list three ways to use natural stone products on the outside of your home. 

Exterior Walls

Breaking up the monotony of either brick or siding with natural stone is a great way to enhance your home's exterior. When you first meet with a stonemason, they will let you know what kinds of stone your home can withstand and if you need to remove any existing materials from your house. Sometimes if there is a material like brick where you want to put the stone, your stone mason may need to fill in the brick so that the stone adheres to it or they may recommend taking it off altogether. Because brick and stone are both really heavy materials, your house may not be able to support the combination of both. 

Stone Pathway

Another easy way to incorporate natural stone product into your home's exterior is on the pathway. Whether you have a large front pathway that's currently cement or you have a cement patio in your back you can have it all broken up and then you can have someone come lay the stone for you. The great thing about having stone as a pathway is that it will add a little bit of depth and dimension to your home without you having to put too much time or money into the project. 

Exterior Fireplace

Having an exterior fireplace in your backyard isn't just a great way to create a pretty ambiance on summer nights, but it's also a fun way to host outdoor parties and make things like wood burning pizzas. When you are having a stone fireplace built, you want to make sure that it can withstand certain temperatures and that it has the proper ventilation so that it won't start a fire. 

These three options are all worth considering when you want to add some stone to the exterior of your home. If you want to learn a little bit more, reach out to a provider of natural stone products near you today.